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Struggling to achieve your goals? You are closer than you think!


Goal Setting to Success is a 30-Day “go at your own pace” virtual training for anyone who wants to get the perfect amount of support to get "unstuck".


This 30-day course will open the door to your making your vision, mission and values a reality. A consistent goal-setting practice will begin to unravel the thoughts that lead to confusion and relieve stress that may be getting in your way of success. 


Why it works >>>


  • Journaling is a simple but powerful tool to help you shift the way you approach each day.
  • The commitment to writing every day, for 30 days, is the "change agent" to accelated success.
  • A goal-setting practice helps you become aware of how your thoughts shape and influence your day to day actions, as well as the success of your business, career and life.


How it works >>>> 


  • This course provides you with a daily structure, each day, for thirty days. 
  • Each week and module has been carefully crafted to build on the previous module in an effort to transform your capacity for momentum, growth and accelerated success.
  • Learn the principles of goal setting that allow you to accelerate the success of your personal and professional life, and take a deeper dive into the practice of goal setting through this 30-day online course.


What to expect >>>>


Each week, you'll receive a video module directly in your inbox explaining the outcome and lessons for the week, along with a course workbook to support you in your learning.  


What you receive >>>>


In addition to the video and workbook, you'll receive bonuses such as:

  • goal setting check lists
  • cheat sheets
  • personal success trackers 


30-day course includes >>>>


  • [4] video modules ($1,200 value)
  • [1] course work book each week  ($200 value)
  • Weekly goal setting checklists ($50 value)
  • Weekly goal setting cheat sheets ($47 value)
  • Personal success trackers (47 value)


Value: $1544

Online Price: $247




Goal Setting To Success (30-day online course)