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My name is Talonya, but my good friends call me "T".



I’m excited to see you here — because if my assumption is right, we’re both searching for similar inspiration & happiness. Simply put, I'm all about living life on purpose and inspiring others to #goDo + #doGood. 

Like you, I’m a dreamer -- I dream of days on the beach, soaking up some of the most beautiful ocean views imaginable with the people I love the most, and if anyone understands how hard it is to turn a ideas into a success story, it’s me. I tried for many years until I finally found my purpose, which is to help and inspire people like you to find yours.

In 2007, everything changed for me...for the better!

I dream of helping others (every single day) who need access to the resources that I was lucky to have gained several years ago when I first started working with Tony Robbins and some of the greatest business minds and thought leaders on the planet. I've always felt extremely blessed to have had those deep, priceless learning experiences, and I can't help but want to pass everything I've learned on to you.  

Since 2007, I've become a published author, keynote speaker, consultant, and social entrepreneur. I invest my time, money, and energy into moving leaders, teams and organizations forward.

I look forward to inspiring you to #goDo, #doGood, and live a life on purpose. 


...and here's why...

As a busy professional, aspiring leader, and #goDoer, I bet you know firsthand how hard it can be to turn your burning desires into a purpose-driven life. 


Neither of us can avoid the difficult and inevitable roadblocks to success -- fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty. It's not easy, but you are closer than you think!


My team and I create no-nonsense learning tools with a mission to grow a community of 1 MILLION #goDoers + #doGooders who live on purpose.


Together,  let's write more success stories. 

Let's #goDo...

“Uncover your purpose and you can #goDo whatever the hell you want.” 


—  Talonya Geary, Chief #goDoer