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In #goDo: How to Live on Purpose, Social Entrepreneur Talonya Geary (you can call her “T”) keeps it real. She shares how she recovered from a series of traumatic losses - the death of her brother, her job, and her health  - to create a life on purpose. And she teaches you how to use her proven daily practice, rooted in clarity, discipline, and science, to help you #goDo, #doGood, and live on purpose.

I wrote this book to inspire 1 Million Leaders to #goDo in the face of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. The book shares my personal journey and reveals what it takes to create physical, intellectual, and spiritual turnaround in your life.

Talonya Geary, Chief #goDoer

Alejandro Chaban,

NY Times Best Selling Author, Television Host, Actor, and CEO of Yes You Can!

Talonya proves once more how passionate, dedicated, inspiring and determined she is. With her new book #goDo, she offers an excellent narrative to motivate readers to #doGood and live a life filled with purpose by telling her own story and allowing space for us to regain faith and belief in ourselves. Through writing and goal setting, she will help you refocus your time, energy and resources, which in turn will allow you to dig deep within your heart and connect with yourself internally.

Mia Michaels

Emmy Award Wining Choreographer, Star of So You Think You Can Dance, Author, and "Queen Unicorn"

Talonya’s #goDo: How to Live on Purpose  is down to earth, honest and real.

It’s a life guide to getting up and making your life awesome while inspiring your guts the whole way through.

Siri Lindley

World Champion Triathlete, Author, Speaker, and Peak Performance Coach

Wow, this is spectacular -- honest, raw, insightful, refreshing, and inspiring.

This book provides the reader with approachable guidance and support on their journey of self-discovery.

Talonya’s authenticity shines through, and her writing takes the reader by the hand and inspires them to #godo, #dogood, and change their lives in the most incredible ways.

Thank you!

The Daily #goDo Planner