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September 24, 2018


I believe it's not always what you do but when you do it that matters. These days, we information and the opportunity to make decisions coming at us at an all-time rapid pace. Because of this, it can be difficult to know when it's time to take action (and #goDo), and when it's time to wait.



In full transparency, I don't always know when it's time to #goDo, but I use three distinct triggers to help me cross the bridge from indecision to action -- fear, doubt, and uncertainty. 

It doesn't matter who you are, we will all face fear, doubt, and uncertainty in our lives. For some of us, these emotions attack and disable us on a regular, ongoing basis. 



I watched a video the other day about upgrading your life. I make it a regular practice and part of my daily morning routine to watch an inspirational or spiritually rich video each morning after I journal and before I start each day. I find that this helps me to overcome my own fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Last week, I ran into a particularly interesting video that has struck a deep nerve with me ever since. In the video, there was a preacher talking about how the foundation to our ability to take action, or our decision to #goDo, starts in the mind. She goes on to instruct that our thoughts are the beginning of what always follows next, our emotions. Our thoughts determine what emotions will no-doubt come next. Because these two things happen in succession, she suggests that when you encounter a potentially fear, doubt, or uncertainty-inducing emotion, you must take one quick step back and make a change in the initial thought. For example, if you state the day feeling tired, go back and, first, think about something that will bring energy or excitement. For me, I watch aspirational or inspirational videos because they instantly transform any tired or fearful morning doubts, into energy-rich and confident thoughts. When I see others #goDoing great things, it inspires my mind to also want to #goDo great things. And then instantly, those thoughts lead to emotions that serve me in a beneficial way. 


What comes after both the thoughts, then the emotions is the action or, again, the #goDo. This particular preacher used the word "will" as the third key to this life upgrade. For those of you who have been following me for years now, you know that my will, or action, is the #goDo of it all. The same strategy for taking a quick inventory of your actions can be applied here -- if your actions are not serving what you want to #goDo, consider taking a step back and reviewing the emotions that precede those actions. Are those emotions helping or hurting you? If they are hurting you, or if you could make them just slightly better, make that adjustment immediately. To thoroughly complete this process, start from the beginning with your thoughts, make slight positive adjustments there, then watch what happens. Those thoughts will lead to better emotions, and those powerful emotions will transform into even more powerful actions. That, my friends, is how you take complete control to create each of your days.



If you want to make this learning stick, then make a decision now. Before you move on to "what's next" in your day, take a moment to write down what thoughts continue to run in your mind that trigger potentially disabling emotions. Then consider how those emotions either get in your way, or slow down your #goDo. And finally, make a list of the actions that you may be taking that could be slowing down your ability to live your life on purpose. These actions don't need to be grandiose, they could be actions found in the littles parts of each day like what you decide to eat, drink, watch, or read. Take a quick inventory of all these things, and then follow this easy three-step process to course correct. 


I promise that living on purpose can be as easy as making minor adjustments each day in your thoughts, your emotions, and your will. These three keys make up your life of and on purpose.

Now, let's #goDo!




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