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All Of Life's Riches And Rewards Are On The OTHER Side Of Resistance

March 27, 2017


Success never waits for permission to be ready. So what are you waiting for? 


Are you ready?

I recently spoke at a weekend conference where I was fortunate to have people come up to me after each presentation and ask me how I became a professional speaker. Some people were asking me for clarification on the speaker certification process, while others asked me what exact path I took to becoming a professional speaker. 


What I noticed was a similar desire in each of these individuals to help others and to be of service to their community. There was a nervousness, combined with a passion. And they were all looking for some point in time where I was "granted" my right to do what I wanted to do, which was to also become a professional speaker who helped others, and was of service to my community. 


The truth is that I've never taken a paid course on public speaking nor have I ever asked for a certification to become one. What I did was start before I was ready, and I did what I think most people (with the stomach) should do -- I jumped first then looked for my parachute. That's just how I roll.

Start Before You're Ready

I'm a firm believer that life is about going and doing. My freaking motto is #GoDo, and those are truly the words that I live each day by. In a results-driven world,  you need to get out and take action immediately and start doing things to truly stay competitive in today's environment. I happen to think that's pretty exciting. And I happen to think it's what naturally selects those who will versus those who want. 


I recently read an important reminder online that I felt compelled to expand upon today -- "start before you are ready". 


Hold on a minute. Start before I'm ready, you say? Yes, that's what I'm saying. That's also what I believe and it's exactly what I do. 


You Don't Get Permission...You Never Will

Let me be clear -- nobody will ever give you permission to do the things you dream of doing. I repeat, there's not a person alive who will show up at your door and present you with the gift of saying, "go ahead, you are now ready to do this". It just doesn't happen.  In fact, quite the opposite happens. Instead, life stacks barriers against you, making it as hard as possible to make progress towards success to test you and see how badly you want to do what you want to do. 


Think about the last time you celebrated success. It wasn't easy. You had everything against you -- not enough time, not enough money, the wrong people on your team or even the wrong set of skills to achieve. 


So how did you do it? 


My assumption is you figured it out. Like some of the most successful people in the history of humanity, you activated your resources and found your way. 

And for those of you who didn't, what got in your way? 


My assumption is that you waited too long for the right time to happen. Or you believed you needed more to be ready and eventually gave up. But the common thread is resistance showed up and you waited for the permission to keep going. Next time, don't do that. Seriously, just don't. 


All Of Life's Riches And Rewards 

When I first moved to New York City, I was a small fish in a massive, massive ocean ( and this is the understatement of the century). I struggled to find my way in a city that cared very little about my hopes and dreams, my past and my struggles, my passion for others or even my drive towards success. I admit, it was a tough run in the beginning, but I went for it. And to say the least, I was hardly ready and nobody ever gave me the permission to go. But again, I went for it. 


Luckily, I met a man early on who gave me a big start in the Big Apple with my first consulting contract. This man was an uber successful businessman, Manhattanite and social entrepreneur who later went on to become a mentor and game changer of my professional career. One thing he said stuck with me, and to this day, I find as many opportunities as I can to share it with others. He said, "Talonya, all of life's riches and rewards are on the other side of resistance". 


I wrote those words down in my journal, but it took some time before they set it. I read them, almost daily, until I got it. "All of life's riches and rewards are on the OTHER side of resistance". So what side was I living on? What side are you living on?


“All of life’s riches and rewards are on the OTHER side of resistance”


If you think about working out or some other form of physical exercise, you'll notice that fatigue is inevitable. The body (and the mind) always seem to have a breaking point. It's at this breaking point, though, where the true progress and the rewards are found. And when I reach this point, with awareness, I always try to remind myself that my reward is not here, it doesn't come from showing up and it isn't celebrated just by going through the motions. The reward is on the other side of this. The riches come from pushing through this painful point, beyond exhaustion, beyond the things I thought I wanted to do or even could do. And it's because of this simple but powerful phrase shared with me a few years ago, I've been able to push myself to new heights, dreams and possibilities. And it's this "others side" that's brought me the fulfillment and "riches" I've always been looking for. 


Next time you want to give up, just remember, "all of life's riches and rewards are on the other side of resistance". The other side of pain. The other side of obstacle. The other side of fear. And the other side of where you are currently standing. So keep going.


And the next time you find passion in a new process or opportunity, may you keep going before you think you're ready. May you wake up daily and pretend you are already there. And on your path to go do great things, may you never stop and ask for permission from others. And may you always start well before you think you are ready. Because the moment you find passion is the true moment you have already started. 


Now, #goDo something you are NOT ready for.

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