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7 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

January 30, 2017





People who live fulfilling lives start each morning with rituals that trigger empowering behaviors throughout the rest of each day.  Although I don't consider myself a routinary person -- I am more driven by change and variety -- I do have behaviors that I follow, no matter where I am in the world or what obstacles are presented by the challenges of a road warrior. 


Below are seven simple, proven habits you can use to kick off each day and empower yourself for success:



Nothing new here, but starting each morning off with a tall drink of water (mmm hmm) is the perfect way to nourish your body and your mind, and is a great way to kickstart your day with health and hydration. 


Inspiration is everywhere, find yours. 


Like many people, I reach for my phone way too early in the day each morning. But instead of reading dismal, political news or feeding my mind with the nonsense of trending stories on Facebook, I prefer to start the day with something motivating and inspiring.


A great way to start? TedTalks.

Here are:

8 Ted Talk To Help You Focus On What Really Matters

Here's another powerful video from TED, by Richard St. John on the Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes 


Those who take the time to first imagine in detail what they hope their day will look like have greater success in fulfilling their goals for the day. Visualization is a simple strategy used by successful #goDoers who would rather create the day than react to it.


Before you get up and get going, or maybe even while taking that morning shower, imagine how you'd like to see the day roll out. What things will you do? What calls will you make? What distractions will you manage? And what celebrations do you hope to reflect on before you hit the bed again? Check out this great article from the Thrive Team on The Power of Visualization, What You See Clearly In Your Mind Becomes Your Reality


We hear this advice all the time, don't we? Because it's true. Those who manage to carve out just thirty minutes to exercise, experience more daily success. The chemicals released in the brain through exercise guide your focus and vision throughout the day. Exercise doesn't have to be long and daunting, but it should be regular. Eventually, you'll start to crave the exercise more than you'll crave sleeping in. 


You knew I was going there. Make sure to set aside at least 15 minutes to write down your goals and outcomes for the day. Below are three simple questions to help guide you:

  1. What outcome do I want to accomplish today? What exactly do I want to accomplish?

  2. Why do I want to accomplish this outcome so badly?

  3. What are all the things that I can do to celebrate the success of this outcome at the end of the day?


This is familiar advice, isn't it? And for good reason! Successful people eat breakfast because they understand the importance of filling their tank each morning with the right fuel to carry them through the day. I'm no nutritional expert, but I always make sure to eat a balanced breakfast if at all possible. When I'm on the road, I bring packets of oatmeal with me because all hotel rooms come equipped with coffee pots in their rooms and have the ability produce hot water. 


When I'm home, I usually eat scrambled eggs with vegetables and some sort of fat, such as avocado or other fish oil supplements. Find the right nutritional formula for you, make it a daily habit, and watch your energy and your success take off.




Meditation doesn't have to be an arduous commitment to hours of silence. In fact, meditation comes in all forms and can be practiced in just about any quiet space. The outcome of meditation is to quiet the mind, to relax the body and to activate your true self. 


Like exercising, I always notice the difference between the days I take the time to meditate and the days I skip. Any day that I commit to a practice of meditation affords me the gifts of clarity, calmness, adaptability and flexibility. And in the end, I'm just a much happier person to deal with.

Looking for more tips, tools, strategies and more to help you #goDo?


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