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10 Lessons From Spin Class That Will Change Your Life

February 20, 2017


If you happen to find yourself in New York City on a random Tuesday or Thursday (and are in search of one of life's most experiential fitness events), I'd like to suggest you find a way to attend a studio cycling class at the Equinox in on Greenwich. 


At first glance, you can tell the instructor is a cyclist. His physique, coupled with the intense focus buried deep in his eyes, is all you need to see to know you're in for a lesson.


I've attended this class multiple times, and make it an absolute must to attend his 12:30pm class on any Tuesday or Thursday that I am in town.  Each class packs a punch, and the teacher tests your level of endurance with mechanical  precision. The instructor's approach to the psychology behind his spin class is what keeps me vying for a seat week after week. 


I have always enjoyed the clarity and creativity that comes as the built-in gift you receive from exercising, and the below 10 important life lessons came out of a recent class.


The below outlines the flow of the class as well as 10 important life lessons that this studio cycling sessions leaves for you: 


  1. Effort - When life gets hard, what do you do? Do you back away from the resistance or do you lean into it, knowing that little by little you'll eventually make it to where you need to be?

  2. Get out of your comfort zone -- "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". We hear it all the time, and it's true. I can always tell a good fitness instructor from a great one. The good ones get from point A to point B. The great ones remind you of all the reasons why you're there, every step of the way. 

  3. Stay present and manage your distractions -- The studio cycling room at my gym has one wall made of glass, whereby you can see directly into the main cardio area. This area is naturally filled with televisions, and from time to time, I'll find myself wandering over to them to catch a glimpse of the latest news, guest on The View or repeat of a lunch-time "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". With each distraction, I lose more and more opportunity to build endurance, to transform and to get the most out of my 45 minute ride. 

  4. Connect with your body -- Tune out the noise in your head, connect and listen to the body. Get close to the body and understand how it can and will perform at a deeper level. 

  5. Pain can be a good thing -- Short term pain and tension are always going to happen, but what do you do in the face both?

  6. Hydrate & wipe yourself off -- I know, so simple it's genius, right? Most of the time you just need to drink more water. 

  7. Pause -- Breathe and rest when you are given the chance: When life gives you an opportunity to relax, #goDo that. Just relax.

  8. Endurance is built by hitting your maximum -- Simply put, push yourself and when you feel like giving up, keep going. I always say the one thing that separates you from the people you would like to become, is they kept going. So, keep going. 

  9. Strength is a choice -- When given options, always choose the one that will make you stronger. Enough said. 

  10. Leave It All On The Road. Leave it all on the road. Leave it all on the road. 



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