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January 2, 2017


It's inevitable that overwhelm, frustration and maybe even a little depression will hit you when you least expect it. And for those who run their own business, this can feel like the absolute kiss of death!


Most entrepreneurs won't admit this, but we get run down. I mean, we get so run down from driving ourselves day after day, that we land ourselves in bed, and just one morning of rescheduled conference calls and missed emails brings on even more pain that, for some of us, can lead us into a temporary depression.


Note: If you are seriously fighting depression, you should consult with a professional. I am not a medical doctor, will not pretend to be, and definitely don't play one on television; however, I've crafted the 10 Tips that I use to help me break on through to the other side of the entrepreneur's dark side.


Remember, take my advice, I don't always use it anyways: 


    1.    REST: Give yourself permission to rest and sleep. When you do rest, make sure you spend that time resting and relaxing, not beating yourself up for resting. You’ll be more creative and productive after a good rest.

    2.    VOLUNTEER: If you have the energy, call an organization that you believe in and volunteer your time or knowledge. Giving to others is the quickest way to pull yourself back up to where you want to be.

    3.    TAKE CARE: Take a self-care day by scheduling (and actually showing up for) a massage, haircut, facial, manicure or pedicure. Showing the body that you care about it will pay off infinitely.

    4.    SHOP: A little retail therapy can go a long way; however, I suggest you intentionally buy something for your home or anything that makes you feel better. The focus should be on changing your emotion, so if buying a new pair of skinny jeans won't do the trick, avoid it like th plague. Once, I bought all new linens, comforters and pillows for my bedroom which gave me the instant feeling of worthiness. Not to mention, I had an amazing night of sleep. If you plan on spending a few days down in the dumps, you might as well do it in high thread count.

    5.    JOURNAL: When you feel fearful, full of self-doubt and overwhelm, get it out on paper. Whatever the “funk” is that’s stuck inside of you, get that s**t out! Journaling is my favorite medicine. It always allows me to share feelings, ideas, or thoughts that could be just the thing getting in my way.

    6.    TALK: I know, this is probably the hardest advice for me to take. As entrepreneurs, we have a ton of pride, and we're used to sort of "going it" alone. So, of course, why would we share the most vulnerable side of being an entrepreneur? (insert the slightest tone of sarcasm). When you're not feeling like your best "self", make sure to reach out to friends and let them know how you are feeling. Again, get that s**t out. You’ll soon realize that talking about what’s bothering you allows you to communicate through the frustration. I always reach out to a few of my most trusted "cabinet members" and fellow entrepreneurs. Most of the time, I walk away from these conversations with new and creative ideas to help re-ignite my passion for what I do. Just #goDO it!

    7.    EAT: Without a doubt, the times I fall into an entrepreneurial slump are directly tied to a negative change in my diet (ahem: holidays?).. Change your diet immediately, and get a fresh-pressed juice, load-up on fresh organic greens or anything super healthy will do the trick. 

    8.    HYDRATE: At least 70% of the body is made up of water, so do the math. Chances are, if you’ve been neglecting to hydrate, your body will run down and you’re overworked brain will fatigue. Productivity, creativity, and innovation all start in the mind, so drink up, buttercup. Makes perfect sense.

    9.    EXERCISE: In addition to getting more H20 into your bones, your body needs more movement. The additional oxygen you bring to the body through exercise will allow your blood to circulate to all of the parts of your body that need it the most to function at its best. It sounds so simple...because it is. Take a walk -- just 10 minutes will create the exact change you are looking for, and if you really want to pull yourself together, do some rigorous exercise for at least 21 minutes. Anyone can do that, right?

    10.    SMILE: I’m serious. Crack a smile and show us those pearly whites! Have you ever tried to be upset and smile at the same time? You cannot do it. I promise. And I dare you to try!


Now, #goDo your best year imaginable!

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