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10 Lessons I Learned Ice Skating

December 30, 2016


It was your typical Christmas day outing, full of friends, presents, champagne and the annual ice skating trip.


You still with me?


As my friends and I set out for a day of adventure and fun, I walked away having taken on an entirely new perspective on one of the hardest topics to discuss publicly -- the tragedy of the commons of ice skating. 


Below was the takeaway from my personal journey on ice. It's different from what I'd usually write about, but nonetheless, proves that there are lessons (literally) everywhere!


1. Kids Always Seem Like A Good Idea

I know this is a dangerous statement to make publicly. I get it, because kids are cute. 

They really are.


And they always seem like a good idea...until you go ice skating.

2. Stay Focused, Stay Focused

Anyone who's ever tried ice skating for the first, second or third time understands the power of focus.

Where else do you find yourself with knees wobbling like a newborn baby horse, reticent to move or sit down like when you're ice skating? 


You don't. Because it's just not possible. And if it is, please don't invite me to go.


Again, stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. 

3. Nobody Looks Cool...Not Even You

I usually subscribe and preach "Rule #1: Always look good." Except when ice skating.

No matter how much you dress up, dress down, do your hair or don't in the name of fashion, it's impossible to look cool when you ice skate. Unless you're 5' tall, weigh less than a buck and find comfort in 80% spandex, don't even put your best foot forward to look good on ice skates.

It's just not gonna happen, buddy.


Suck it up and #goDo anyways.

4. Those willing to fall down, learn the quickest...except when ice skating

So there I was, knees wobbling and wearing my new Christmas jacket. With panic on my face, I kept reminding myself to focus, just stay focus and you'll #goDo.


The entire time, I'm telling myself anecdotal reminders like "life begins at the end of your comfort zone", "#goDo", blah, blah, blah... I kept thinking to myself, as I watched the more advanced skaters, that only those who were willing to push themselves and fall down are going to learn the most and the quickest. These are the people who eventually end up on the middle of the rink, far far away from the railing (you know what I'm talking about). 


But that's complete BS.


You see this rule is usually in full effect, except when you're on ice skates.


Take it from me, the only things you learn when you fall down ice skating are just how quickly you can get to the intersection of freezing and pain.  


My friends, don't #goDo it, just not when you're ice skating.

5. Just get back up and keep going

In a more positive light, I do believe the best advice in ice skating is to make sure you just get back up and keep going, should you ever fall.


Falling down while ice skating is inevitable, but having a horrible time in the process isn't. Go into it knowing you'll fall, but promising you'll keep going. Eventually, you'll learn (and quickly see) that everyone is falling down, but the ones having the absolute best time are the ones who jump back up and keep going.



6. Enjoy the journey

Yeah, I said it. It's ice skating, not the olympics -- 


Dear Talonya, 


Calm down. Have fun. You don't have to win. Just enjoy the journey. 


That's all folks, 


The Universe

7. It's ok to laugh at strangers

I know that nobody enjoys to be laughed at, but trust me, it's ok to laugh at strangers...when ice skating. 


Go ahead and laugh, but know that for every laugh you chuckle, there are three more aimed at you.

8. Rule #1: always look good, except when ice skating


Reminder: See #3

9. Tequila is better than hot chocolate

Here's the silver lining of ice skating: No matter how many kids are on the ice; how hard it is to focus; how bad you look doing it; however many times you fall or get back up; how much you enjoy the journey or laugh at strangers; there's always tequila waiting once you're done.


And trust me, it's so much better than hot chocolate. 


10. Straight, no chaser

When you do eventually reach for that shot of tequila, buckle up and drink it straight...with no chaser. 


Now, #goDo!


-- Talonya


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