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The #goDo Power of Questions

August 2, 2016

I can sometimes get stuck in a loop of craziness, confusion and overwhelm. Who doesn’t? 

Between managing multiple businesses, a non-stop travel schedule, and a personal life I’m always looking to fall back in love with; overwhelm is inevitable at some point. However, I activate and integrate a process that I learned a long time ago into my daily routine. This skill (and now a practice) helps me to get out of that loop, to break free from the broken record of life that sabotages me into thinking that I'm stuck or there's no way out. 


Maybe, just maybe I'm not stuck. What if all I needed was a new question?

What? A new question?

I know that some of you may be thinking that this sounds too easy. How can it be as easy as just asking a question?

Keep it simple, sugar! 

To me, questions puncture the balloon of overwhelm! Let me explain: 

When fear, doubt, confusion and other disempowering thoughts take front and center in our minds, the way out can seem and feel far out of reach. It doesn't have to be like that. Asking questions, the right questions, is a great way to move the brain towards finding an empowering result. The key here is to ask an empowering question, as opposed to a disempowering question. Let me show you the difference. 

Empowering questions:

How can I make more money to take that dream vacation I've been putting off for years? What do I need to do to  travel more? Who do I need to meet that who can help me see more, experience more and live even more!

Disempowering questions:

Why do I never have money to take a vacation? Why can't I afford to travel? Why is it so hard for me to get away and live more?

Our brains are the CPUs (central processing units) of our lives, and our brains are designed to help us solve any question we put in front of them. This is really important -- make sure you put the right equations out first, or the right problems to be solved. 

Take some time to listen to this short Podcast I recorded on The #GoDo Power of Questions:




When you’re done, take a minute to think about what questions you haven’t asked yourself lately. What are you not seeing? What do you need? Who do you need? Who must you eliminate from your life? 

That's a powerful question to ask yourself. 

Asking a new, empowering question is an extra step, but what happens as a result of asking it is magical. Try it out sometime! And make sure to share your results with all of us. 

Don’t worry about the answers, and don’t lose sleep trying to solve anything. This is just all part of the process. Remember to trust the brain to get you to your solution. And as long as you are asking the right, empowering questions, you can look forward to empowering solutions! 

Now, #go



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