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July 5, 2016


Those [bosses] who have mastered the management of time use simple tools to keep them from squandering this precious resource.  Below are just a 5 time hack strategies that some of the masters deploy to keep them on "B O Double S" status

  1. Limit phone calls, texting or overall phone responses to a specific duration of time

  2. Refrain from engaging in social media, except during specified times (schedule these times)

  3. Create time chunks or blocks to allow for streamlined focus on a topic or with a specific outcome (keep your word to the clock)

  4. Journal to outline, in advance, what the day's focus will be

  5. Set multiple alarms or reminders throughout the day

Use your time wisely. Set aside some time every day making a thoughtful list of all the things that need to be done in a day.  Be realistic about the time it takes to complete things and the time you have available to you. Prioritize your list and let the top three items on the list guide your day. Relish in the sense of accomplishment when you check those items off, but be willing to be flexible.  There will be times when something just doesn't get done, simply make it your priority the following day. Be gentle with yourself, but don't make this a habit!




Manage your time properly.  Take care of your time.  Give importance to it. Treat time like someone you love. Every second and every minute counts.  Make it a priority to spend your time in meaningful, effective ways that in some way directly support your goals in life or the task at hand.

Above all, you must value your time.  Nobody will value it as much as you. Just like your money, budget your time and evaluate your spending. Don't put time into something that you know will be ineffective or will otherwise fail to give you a good return on investment.  And when you make mistakes, don't linger on them. It's like a bad loan when you lament lost time. High interest on the time compounds and amounts to even more time wasted.  Bouncing back quickly will allow you to make the most of your time.

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To learn more about how to manage your time and support you in reaching this year's goals and resolutions, consider enrolling my #GoDo: Success in 2016 online course. The course is going to teach you how to set the right goals, stay focused on the right goals and cross the finish line of their success.  For more support, listen to this month's Podcast on the Power of Visualization. 

Now #GoDo, my friends!


- Talonya


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